Freight Train Fans spring fever garage party  in Bismarck, Mandan ND    feel free to call my cell 701-989-5182 let me tell you if I'm booked, please share with Family and Friends,  I'm open 7 days a week  my charge free will offering as I perform for your party, I just ask that's it's worth my time, you'll get Freight Train and Nashville Tracks, singing with guitar, little Dj playing some of the best party songs that a lot of Dj's play for weddings, Great Time to get Family and Friends together like the good old Days, please leave voice message with contact Info I'll call you Back Please try to call before 4pm Friday Afternoon For Bookings on Friday and Saturday Night  thank you 

Sincerely Freight Train     3-14-18

To all Freight Train Fans i have a TV show Monday night cable 12 community access 8:59 pm or HD ch.612 in Bismarck and Mandan ND you can all see what i do when i perform live at garage parties and bars with my Nashville  tracks and new sound system please tune in whole diffrent show thank you sincerely Freighttrain


I would like to let everyone know oct 25, 2017 I'll be marrying the love of my life April Meckle I love you forever thank you for being the lady you are and taking care my boys when I can't be home we have great plans for the future we will be having the wedding dance June 23rd 2018  just to let you all know  at the mandan eagles in basement it's open to the public at 8pm marv Allan the Dj   for are wedding dance

Sincerely Freight Train


Thank you so much for coming to our garage party and doing your thing! Greatly appreciated, we had fun     Tonya   Nathan 



Fan's just to let you know the songs on the Two Players   just samples of  songs on the CD you won't hear the whole songs !!!!!!!!!!!!! for info to order a Freight Train CD in Bismarck Mandan ND we can meet $10.00 each in state or out of state $13.00 includes S/H or please call my cell 701-989-5182 thank you sincerelyFreight Train

 in search box put in Freight Train Todd Haugen  or Todd H Haugen or Todd Haugen or Todd Haugen and Fan's

​​To all Freight Train Fan's now taking bookings for Valentines Day any place work, business, home , call my cell to setup Time and place for booking info 701-989-5182 sorry in Bismarck Mandan North Dakota only thank you sincerely Freight Train will start at 8:40am- 7:00pm. 3-5 songs with guitar Free will offering I just ask that it's worth my Time thank you


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Welcome Freight Train Todd Haugen Fan's                     

Freight Train Fan's a whole different show I perform it like I Do Garage parties, or when I'm performing out check it out watch my you tube videos on my website  thank you sincerely Freight Train  

  • Track 1 Freight Train The Man1:48
  • Track 2 Don't Go There1:46
  • Track 3 Bingo Star Junkie1:38
  • Track 4 On The Line1:41
  • Track 5 Cancun1:38
  • Track 9 It's All About Money1:39
  • Track 12 Thinkin Time1:55

  • Two Roses Home3:02
  • It's All Good2:53
  • (Loving You) Just Comes Natural To Me3:05
  • A Good Night1:58
  • The Truth2:57

Freight Train Fans I'll be performing at  Tonight  come on out and have a great time with Freight Train 
Thank You sincerely Freight Train

Bars In Bismarck, Mandan ND Booking Freight Train and Nashville Tracks and Performing with Guitar.    avail 7 days a week for booking info please call 

 my cell 701-989-5182 also can message me on Facebook thank you Sincerely Freight Train Todd Haugen 


Freight Train Fans any kind of party any place in Bismarck , Mandan ND would like me to sing 3-5 songs with Guitar $30.00 minimum for booking call cell 701-989-5182 available 7 days a week Thank you sincerely Freight Train 


Facebook fans this is my link to my main fan page

Country Singer/ Songwriter  Freight Train  Started singing and playing guitar age 4  
singing and playing guitar 45 years writing songs 30 years    

To all Freight Train Fans i have a  TV show Friday night channal 68 in Fargo ND 9pm with my Nashville music tracks   please tune in thank you sincerely Freighttrain

April Meckle and FreightTrain Todd Haugen picture above Is my Fiance April my Sister and brother inlaw and myself we  Got Engaged july 2017  Thank you sincerely Freight Train