Performing Dates  2018 

Freight Train Live entertaining 

​​To all Freight Train Fan's bookings for Valentines Day any place work, business, home , call  to setup Time and place for booking info  sorry in Bismarck Mandan North Dakota only thank you sincerely Freight Train  2-5 songs with guitar  $50.00



Fan's just to let you know the songs on the Two Players   just samples of  songs on the CD you won't hear the whole songs that I wrote and recorded in Nashville TN

Freight Train Fan's to book anything I have to offer 7 days a week anytime call 701-540-5808  if i don't answer leave a message with contact info thank you sincerely Freight Train        10-12-2018

Just a few Live Shows when i perform Garage Parties and bars enjoy thank you sincerely Freight Train    7-15-18

  • Two Roses Home3:02
  • It's All Good2:53
  • (Loving You) Just Comes Natural To Me3:05
  • A Good Night1:58
  • The Truth2:57


Thank you so much for coming to our garage party and doing your thing! Greatly appreciated, we had fun     Tonya   Nathan 


  • Track 1 Freight Train The Man1:48
  • Track 2 Don't Go There1:46
  • Track 3 Bingo Star Junkie1:38
  • Track 4 On The Line1:41
  • Track 5 Cancun1:38
  • Track 9 It's All About Money1:39
  • Track 12 Thinkin Time1:55

Welcome Freight Train Todd Haugen Fan's                     

Country Singer/ Songwriter  Freight Train  Started singing and playing guitar age 4  
singing and playing guitar 46 years writing songs 30 years     

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 Freight Train Fans I'm open for a Garage party, Birthday  or any occasion I'm open Fridays and Saturdays in Bismarck, Mandan ND   call to setup date and Time   let me tell you if I'm booked, please share with Family and Friends my charge $100.00 Minimum when I start, free will offering, as I perform for your party, I just ask that's it's worth my time you'll get Freight Train and Nashville Tracks, singing with guitar, little Dj playing some of the best party songs that a lot of Dj play for weddings, and If you would like to do           Karaoke singing starting Friday and Saturday October 19, 20, 2018   thank you sincerely Freight Train  

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Freight Train Fan's if you 'd like to have a Karaoke Party Friday or saturday Night in Garage we can just do that let me know I'm open this Friday 10-19-18

saturday  10-20-18 as of now. my charge $100.00 Minimum when i start 1st hour, after that hour free will offering i just ask that its worth my time why'll I'm doing Karaoke great time to get Family and Friends together wide range of variety of music    call FreightTrain's Music 701-540-5808 if i don't answer leave a message with contact info thank you sincerely Freight Train!!!!!!!!!!! 



  Karaoke Singers Opening Nov 11, 2018  Freight Train's  Karaoke Recording Studio all ages are welcome,   now taking appointments for  recording sessions,  if you would like to start recording Nov. 11, 2018 

A Karaoke recording session is perfect for audition pieces, vocal training, or makes an unforgettable gift for friends or family. just in time for christmas  Whether you want just 3 song, or 10 song CD    we can do it!

We record your vocals to your track and mix it to a CD . You only pay for the time it takes for you to record the songs  Mix and Master! 

 3 hour minimum is required   3 song recording session $185.00     You schedule the number of hours you think you will need after the 3 hours   to setup date and Time  7 days a week call Freight Train's Music at  701-540-5808 if no answer please leave a message  contact info    I do have a wide  selection of  Karaoke CDG 's Disc  sorry not setup for Rap or Hip Hop,   welcome to bring your own CD-G's  Thank You  Sincerely Freight Train Music  



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Facebook fans in search box put in Freight Train Todd Haugen, Todd Haugen, Todd H Haugen, Freight Train Todd Haugen Fan Club, 

If its the same day text message my cell 701-989-5182 with contact info to call back

thank you sincerely Freight Train !!!!!!

To all Freight Train Fans i have a  TV show Friday night channal 68 in Fargo ND 9pm with my Nashville music tracks   please tune in thank you sincerely Freighttrain

Freight Train Fans any birthdays, or any occasion, I'm open any parties any place in Mandan or Bismarck ND, today or anytime, if you would like me to sing Happy birthday 2-10 songs $50.00 minimum, 1Hr. $100.00 Minimum with a free will offering as I perform I bring my small sound system. if it's at a business it's just me and the guitar the price is the same. please text my cell 701-989-5182 for a doings the same day otherwise call 701-540-5808 to setup date and Time 7 days a week, try to book one day in advance if possible, Friday and Saturday let me tell you if I'm booked, I always try to perform if i can anytime and Sunday call to see if I'm open please check out my website thank you sincerely Freight Train  9/28/18 - 2019